23blocks, a better way to build plataforms and apps!


This time we will talk about a company that we are sure will change how we make software, called 23blocks. The company is relatively new but has significant experience behind it; 23Blocks is an app that makes apps.

It could be complex to understand, but in reality, the purpose of 23blocks is to facilitate developers’ lives and shorten project delivery times; this reduces costs and becomes a win-win between client and developer.

The incredible thing about this fantastic idea is that no matter how big or small your project is, 23blocks adapt to you.

Since there are software bases, to call it somehow, that become repetitive, and that often takes time from It could be taking advantage of focusing the team on more complex developments of the project.

As 23blocks mentions on their website,

“Every time a company or team tries to develop these features, they can make the same old mistakes, forget lessons learned, and waste time and resources. Even with open-source software and tools, implement, configuring, and maintaining them becomes a cumbersome task.”

Nor does it matter where you are located; 23blocks can work with any company in any corner of the world. At this time, they have clients in Asia, the United States, Canada, and South and Central America.

“We believe that there is a better way to build software. Reusing already made components saves project execution time, reduces functional and configuration errors, and speeds the time to market.”

What are blocks?

The blocks are a combination of software, infrastructure, and services, ready to use, which are available as API Microservices. These are hosted in a highly available cloud, ready for production, and operate according to industry standards.

What kind of blocks are available?

Here is a list of the current blocks available:

  • Gateway Block
  • Real-Time Block
  • Journey Block
  • File Management Block
  • Geolocation Block
  • Search Block
  • Products Block
  • Sales Block
  • Rewards Block
  • Forms Block
  • Machine Learning Block
  • University Block
  • CRM Block
  • Onboarding Block
  • Campaign Block
  • Budget Block
  • Others Blocks. Do you need a particular block? Then, they can make it for you!

The best thing about the plans 23blocks offers is that if you are not sure or want to know more about the benefits of the blocks by testing them directly, you can access ONE MONTH OF FREE SERVICE without entering your credit card details!

Are you a developer, startup, or agency? You will indeed find a plan that adapts to what you need; monthly plans start from $ 59.99 with no permanence contract!

“23Blocks is a company with a vision of the future of efficient software development, which focuses on saving developers time and business investment.”

Do you have any doubts about how to start using 23blocks? Then, we invite you to visit their website for more information at www.23blocks.com or if you prefer, we can give you all the advice in this regard. Contact us at [email protected].