Video games… stressful or anti-stress.

There seems to be a lot of debate around whether playing video games can be considered “stressful” or “anti-stressful.” We don’t think there is a right or wrong answer – it all depends on your interests, and so on. Most people who play video games do so because they find them engaging and fun. Also, they tend to do so without thinking too hard about if this can help them improve their “mental wellness.”

A study carried out by the University of North Carolina in the United States revealed that video games do not induce responses to stress. On the contrary, can even help control negative emotions related to this disease. Very different opinions always characterize the video game industry, even antagonistic ones. Considered an artistic representation by its staunchest defenders or as mere entertainment, superficial and dumbing down, by its most conservative detractors, the world of the console resignedly assumes the status of misunderstood among all forms of modern entertainment.

Experts argue that video games are a great alternative or complementary treatment to traditional mental health therapies. Thus, they are even more valuable because they are widely available. They point out that commercial video games are not only accessible. Also benefit players’ socialization, cognition, emotion regulation, and mental health. “When you play, especially modern video games generates a series of controlled stimuli. There is a story, a development of characters, and an evolution that generates satisfaction, which contributes to creating a feeling of control in an individual immersed in a depressive picture. The intrinsic rewards of the video game act as a placebo that replaces the reality of the depressed person, who does not find meaning in anything he does outside of that virtual world.

“The virtual world is becoming more important in our society, as we know, all social and gaming platforms are conditioned so that no matter where we are from or where we are, we build a different person from what we are in “real life”.

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