6G network, the next generation

There is no doubt that smartphones and some devices have become one of the technologies most used daily by millions of people worldwide in recent years. Almost 30 years of constant evolution in mobile personal communications have allowed this device to become a fundamental part of the individual’s daily development.

Cell phones and smart devices work thanks to the internet network, the most advanced technology to which we can aspire, at the moment, is the 5G network.

The 5G network was introduced in 2016, and still, and even in 2021, we still would not say that all devices have it, so the 6G network still has a long way to go.

Unlike LTE, 5G operates in three different spectrum bands.

Statista analytics estimates that 1,154 million smartphones will have 5G by 2022. That figure will triple in 2026, with 3,313 million 5G smartphones connected.

But what would be the differences or the advantages that the 6G network can offer us for the future?

According to a publication in –Muy Interesante– Magazine, researchers are already evaluating and looking to the future what the 6G network will bring.

IMT-2020 (5G), a team dedicated to developing international mobile telecommunications systems, is already working – since 2019 began – in collaboration with the United States, Russia, and the European Union, on 6G technology.

The 6G will reach a download speed of up to 1TB per second and cover communication underwater; to get started. What else does 6G have to offer? The great answer is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI will be the critical factor in the development of this technology. “

Apple taking advantage

As expected, Apple is already beginning to start its contribution to this technology Since.

A few weeks ago, it launched a recruitment call for engineers dedicated to developing the new generation in San Diego and Silicon Valley.

According to the job announcement:

“In this role, you will be at the center of a cutting-edge research group responsible for creating next-generation disruptive radio access technologies over the next decade.”

“You will have the unique and rewarding opportunity to craft next-generation wireless technology that will have a deep impact on future Apple products.”

People hired for the positions will “research and design next-generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks” and “participate in industry/academic forums passionate about 6G technology.”

Industry watchers don’t expect 6G to roll out until about 2030.

Still, the job listings indicate Apple wants to develop the new technology at the earliest stages. ” Boomerang

Apple logo

The smartphone has arrived to facilitate our daily dynamics. Through it, we have continuous access to information, entertainment. It is already part of our work tools and lifestyles. Since we are connected most of the time, our technological demands will be increasing.

However, the 6G network is still an idea very far away. We are sure it will be surprising.

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