5 Reasons for Adopting Agile Software Delivery Approach

This blog post gives a quick snapshot of the top 5 reasons for embracing agile software delivery:

1. Accelerate product delivery – The agile development approach enables the enterprise to deliver high-quality software within faster release cycles that is more in line with the user needs. Agile development approach involving shorter sprints is gaining momentum to keep up the speed of development process in consistent with the business goals.
2. Enhance ability to manage changing priorities – Agile approach for software development requires not only teams to develop and test faster, but also to deliver enhancements to the products and services faster to the customers. Ensuring that changes / enhancements required by customers in a reliable and usable manner requires taking an agile approach through every step of the project.
3. Increase productivity – Organizations need to be on a constant lookout to achieve better business outcomes. They require a better way to improve the skills and methodologies that IT staff use to deliver software. The agile approach enables increased productivity through more effective communication while being highly responsive to ever-changing customer demands.
4. Enhance software quality – In an agile environment, the development and QA teams cooperate with each other very well, also aim to develop software rapidly in close collaboration with the customer. Agile techniques evaluate and enhance the software quality while offering increased customer value.
5. Enhance delivery predictability – Clients usually care about predictability. They require teams to be good at making and keeping promises, reliably delivering working, tested, remediated code at the end of each sprint. Without reliable and predictable teams, stable predictable programs, particularly when there are multiple dependencies between the teams, are not possible. With an agile approach for software delivery which emphasizes on setting up metrics and measurement, teams can plan, coordinate, and deliver with enough predictability along with a release level commitment.


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