Apple will use USB-C in the European Union!

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of marketing, has confirmed that his company will finally switch to USB-C in the rest of its devices by 2024.

Apple has confirmed for the first time that it will have no choice but to follow European laws and will start using USB-C in its devices; Apple’s vice president of global marketing stated it, Greg Joswiak, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Joswiak has defended Apple taking so long to ditch Lightning, stating that they tried to find a balance by allowing the charger to use any type of connection (such as USB-C or USB-A) and only the cable to have a Lightning connection. Also, he remembers that billions of people use Lightning, (are you one of them?)

It is worth mentioning that the obligation to incorporate a USB type C port affects smartphones marketed in the member countries of the European Union. Regardless of the manufacturer, which has forced Apple to pay attention in recent weeks, since the iPhone uses its port, called Lightning.

It has not yet confirmed that the iPhone will use it; but all the leaks suggest that the iPhone 15 will be the brand’s first mobile to have the new standard.

Why is it relevant that Apple goes to the USB-C connector?

When Apple announced the Lightning connection, it was groundbreaking in that it offered a much slimmer and easier-to-use solution. Users could and can plug a Lightning cable in backwards, and it still works. That did not happen with the micro-USB plugs of that time.

Finally, USB-C was released, offering the same forgiving plug design as Lightning. Along with faster transfer speeds of up to 240W.

What do you think of this achievement of the European Union against Apple? Do you think the rest of the world should implement it?

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