Goodbye to screenshots of conversations!

We say goodbye to screenshots of conversations. One of the resources that we use daily is the messaging of social networks, as well as WhatsApp. It is also true that we have taken a screenshot of a conversation and passed it on to another one. In consequence, this has reached such a level that many times people use these screenshots as evidence in some cases. Although the screenshots are not electronic evidence, a mere physical representation materialized on paper of an event that occurred in the virtual world.

WhatsApp says goodbye to screenshots…

Due to this, WhatsApp has taken action and has decided that is better to say goodbye to screenshots of conversations. Therefore, every time a user takes a screenshot, then, as Netflix does; the screen will only be black. So, now the application owned by Meta has also decided to prioritize its users’ privacy and security. For example, it was recently known that they would be allowed to customize the “Online” status; so, that only selected contacts can see it, or if desired, no one.

Likewise, they were working on a second verification code that notifies them of suspicious logins to their accounts, such as Gmail.

And as the next step in the update, screenshots will no longer be possible in photos and videos configured. So, that the recipient can see them only once, at least that is what Wabetainfo has revealed.

Where it’s going to be available?

According to the report of the aforementioned portal, it is going to be available in version of the WhatsApp beta for Android. Although, Mark Zuckerberg, had already recently and officially announced that could block screenshots for multimedia messages that are sent in ephemeral mode through the platform.

All this is still under development but we expected that it is going to be soon.

What do you think of these new measures that the company will take regarding privacy? To what extent could it benefit or harm the user?

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