How not to fall for cyber scams…

Cyber scams are on the rise every day because most of us use many apps to send money. Either to pay for products or services or to transfer money to friends and family.

With this “ease” of accessing our money in the bank or our credit cards, scammers get increasingly “creative” with the ways to make us fall into their traps.

Let’s remember the “classics” that these characters used through email and still use. For example, we received an email that said that a very sick person from a distant country wrote. And eventually, he wanted to inherit his entire fortune from someone at random. Yes, the lucky ones were us!

Indeed many will have fallen, letting themselves be carried away by their “cyber innocence” at the time. Still, very soon, people began to undermine their credibility (luckily! ), and then they started with some other tricks. So, what better way to convince someone to give you his money,. For example using feelings, when internet dating became more popular, also scams in the name of “love”. There are thousands of stories always fell into the same coincidences, a rich, handsome widower, living in a country far away, many times he even sent gifts to his “victims” to be more credible. Then, suddenly, a problem arose where he needed a small loan. Neverthless, as soon as the money was deposited, he disappeared (a story very similar to The Tinder Swindler).

We also have phone calls where they “alert” us that our computer has a lethal virus. So, its technical support will help us (haha). The truth is that these people are giving us indicators to steal information from our computers. And then enter and empty our accounts or, in the best of cases, our data.

In recent times there are the links that arrive by text message or through WhatsApp. In there, our bank is supposed to contact us to tell us that there is something strange with our account. Therefore, we must enter to verify our information. The only thing we would get if we did is to hand our data to these scammers on a plate.

And to name a few forms of cyber scams, now how can we avoid them?

  1. Always update your smartphone. Many security breaches occur due to the lack of an operating system update.
  2. Do not open suspicious messages or links. Do not accept or open SMS links for jobs, raffles, movement of your bank accounts, or any similar content. Always check the recipient. Cybercriminals are often taken to pages that look like bank officials BUT ARE NOT.
  3. Download applications from official stores. You must use applications from official stores. So, we can avoid malicious downloads that could access the information stored on our cell phones.
  4. Personal information. Avoid clicking on ads that ask you to download applications. Usually theyr are from suspicious websites or redirect you to sites where they ask you to fill in your details.
  5. Unlock methods. The most basic recommendation is prevention. This includes taking measures such as setting a screen to unlock mode using fingerprint, facial recognition, pattern, or pin. Thus, in case of loss of your cell phone, they will not be able to access your personal information.

We hope these tips will help you not fall for any of these cyber scams. Have you had a similar experience?

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