How secure is Internet?

What the dark side of the internet means?

The Internet is an excellent high-potential tool. There are no limits to navigation.

Even for kids, big businesses, and anybody who works with the network. But everything has a positive and a negative side. The Internet has changed our lives in many ways, like providing easy transfer in banks, closer communication, and faster operations of any we want. The Internet has made it easy our way to live.

It is widespread to hear that the Internet is considered the tool that has given voice to those who do not have it. Many people share their own lives and experiences with unknown people worldwide, but doing it makes them happiest. Of course, the Internet has brought new ways to create and share content.

The above is the reason why we have to make society more secure. The Internet has many benefits but also a dark side:

  • No privacy life.

    All posted online. You have not right for any of the pictures or documents posted, especially images that are projecting a personal side of yourself. Everything online is public. The number of victims increases each year through the the social network. Most of them are teenagers who don’t have any control over what they do. It is necessary to make them understand even if they post a picture on the Internet. Somebody else may be copied and post it on forums or other websites.

  • Cyberbullying.

    Sometimes it is hard to get away from the “haters.” They keep making hateful comments, building a bad image of people, saying lies about them online. Their only objective affects reputation online. This problem affects more school students. Teachers don’t have control over that, so many kids use to be affected by it. They keep the situation a secret because of the fear of getting worse with their parents. The best thing to do not to allow bullying is by creating personal accounts with only family and trust friends. Never answer private messages, especially if they are aggressive. It’s better to block them or create a new account. What makes cyber bullies stronger because they cannot see anyone crying.

  • Open world for predators.

    Young people used to interact with virtual strangers and share private life, pictures, and personal interests. Experts get them for a sexual attraction that violates their privacy and abuse children. Predators create fake profiles and build a trust relationship with the victim. The online world is a cautious place to navigate and requires much consciousness from you when you navigate. It’s impossible to know who is behind a computer; it is telling the truth or not. The best recommendation is to not share any personal information with strangers.

  • Pornography.

    Parents have concerned about what the Internet means, and pornography is very dangerous, especially for kids. When anyone is seeking something online, from nowhere appears porn websites. The better options are to install an Internet filtering software to block porn sites in the first place.

An organization named Family Online Safety Institute works to make the online world safer for kids and their families.

The best recommendation to avoid dangerous experiences is to empower parents to build the trust to be part of their kids when they navigate the online world.

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