How to become a video game creator?

Where do I start to create a video game?

We know that this quarantine has led us to learn and investigate various topics. If you are interested in become a video gamer creator, keep reading our blog with a compilation of the most important channels that will help you learn to play video games related topics.

Whenever we need to learn to do something, it is widespread for us to resort to the tutorials that YouTube provides us. One of the most popular topics is video games, from live streaming broadcasts where people watch an expert play, play the guitar on Guitar Hero, or drive a trailer on the road. We can also find tutorials and programming courses from different approaches and for all audiences.

If you are a real gamer, this kind of channel helps you stay informed, know the latest in games and consoles, watch your favorite games, and enjoy many videos made by the community. And again, YouTube provides us with this and more.

So, what is the best platform to make a video game?

Experts in video game development say that using graphics engines such as the Unity platform for any project we have in mind is advantageous. Since today the fashionable operating system is Android, and games on mobile devices have gained importance in the application market, generating an excellent economic contribution. Regarding its disadvantages, Unity also has limitations, and the graphics are not quite the most striking.

Developing your video games is not impossible. If you have not been able to find what you need on the internet, then this time, we give you a good list of the best YouTube channels so you can start learning and encourage yourself to create your video games.

Take a look at these recommendations in case they weren’t on your subscription list:

  • Extra Credits
  • Sunder
  • MatthewMatosis
  • Sequelitis
  • 3 Minute Game Design
  • SnomaN Gaming
  • Game Soup
  • What’s With Games
  • Unity and Unreal
  • Game Maker’s Toolkit
  • The Cherno Project
  • Gamer’s Companion to Music

To mention just a few.

Did you already know some of these channels?

We hope these suggestions have helped you and that you will soon find yourself developing and playing your games!

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