iOS 16, News, Compatibility, and Its Release Date

Time flies and Apple has already been working on the new IOS 16 operating system for months.

We have a few clues about the new features that we will see in iOS 16. However, some rumors are that there will be important news in notifications and the possibility of including interactive widgets on the screen. It seems that the new devices could have buttons to perform actions directly without entering each app. For example, we could have music controls, widgets with buttons to activate the flashlight or a timer. In short, they would be much more helpful gadgets than the current ones. In addition, it is believed that they will start “new forms of interaction” between the user and the system). Besides, there is also talk of news in data monitoring in the health area. It is predictable since there was an increase in interest in monitoring these issues due to the coronavirus, and improvements in Apple News, among other things.

Surely there will be news strongly linked to the characteristics of the iPhone 14 and, therefore, will be exclusive to these new devices.

A critical issue where we will see changes in the user’s privacy. We know that for months the case of cookies has been changing. Today, Icloud Private Relay is reserved for Icloud subscribers + it would extend the capabilities of Private Relay to all users and beyond encrypting Safari and Mail traffic.

What compatibility will iOS 16 have?

iOS 16 will be compatible with iPhone 7 and later generation terminals. (bye-bye, iPhone 6).

These rumors could be confirmed on June 6 when WWDC 2022 broadcast and lists all the news prepared for iOS 16.

What do you think about these leaks about Apple’s new operating system? Which ones do you believe are fake, and which ones are real? We would love to read your comments!

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