My business needs a app… Rent it or Build it?

If we thought about each type of business, we would realize that it would be beneficial for anyone to have an app. Helping the company distribute their products or services, organization, payments, and benefits such as increased business visibility and online traffic, know the trend of customers and have more direct communication with them.

2020 has been a year of many changes. One of them is the increase in cell phone use by people, although in previous years, with the rise of social networks, it had already increased considerably.

Since we entered quarantine, many of our interactions happen on our smartphones, including work, school, social networks, to name a few. So our mobile devices have become indispensable. Likewise, companies must be present on their customers’ phones to survive in this era.

According to a new report from App Annie, Covid-19 has changed consumer behavior forever.

April, the average user spent almost a third of their waking time on their mobile device: 4.3 hours.
Consumers spent 25% more on mobile apps than ever before: $50 billion in the first half of the year.
Mobile commerce accelerated: people spent more time on shopping apps than during the 2019 holidays.
Mobile ad placements jumped 70% in the first half of the year.
Forbes, August 2020

With all of the above in mind, the answer is simple, if you want your business to grow alongside others, you need to be present where your customers are, and the place is their smartphone!

So at this moment, we can conclude that an app is necessary for a business, but where to start? Is it expensive? How do I let my clients know that I have an app?

Mainly, the investment issue is more straightforward than you think; the reality is that an app requires much time to build, but another option is becoming more common, and this is renting one.

The main advantages of renting an app are:

  • Small investment: Because the platform is rented, it will not require any custom development or complete construction and therefore save money and time.
  • Transition: When discussing renting a platform, it is understood that it is already pre-designed, so your business’s entry to the venue will be quick and easy since it is a fully developed and tested structure.
  • Support: This is a critical topic as we can meet with developers who promise to deliver an application at a low cost but without technical support. That will mean that you will have to pay hours to this same developer for each modification you need or update, and in the end, the cost will be much higher. With the rental of an app, this value is in your contract since your business’s success will be equal to the permanence on the platform you are renting.
  • Updates: Going back to the subject of an app that you buy and make custom, you would have to take care of each modification and update that you want to make, that means that the investment for the app you paid for will surely double every time you need to update something.

How will my clients know that I have an app?

In general, the company that rents an app has marketing plans included that help makes your app known to current and potential customers.

The ideal is to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes your website and social networks to make it known.

If you are undecided about whom to turn to decide on your business’s digital transformation, contact us, and receive free advice!