Technology Industry: coder, programmer, developer or software engineer?

Sometimes it could be hard and confusing to identify which work is each one even for those who are working in a technology industry. Do you know what do they exactly do? to whom should you go if you have any problem to solve? We want to explain the different jobs existed and the titles used in the industry. They can change and have various meanings.

Some companies give the name of the job according to what the person does inside the technology industry. Others base their names according to their education level or the projects achieved. But it doesn’t work like that all the time. How are we going to reach them or how do we know the job they do?


Is the one who writes the code that makes most of all the apps run correctly. A coder is the person who has a solid understanding of the language is writing. Also has the ability to create software for video games, social media platforms, and many others inside of a technology industry. The big thing of a coder is sometimes they are not able to design or test, besides writing a code. Is common to call coder the least trained or experienced level of programmers. In addition coders do not have the same algorithmic knowledge as a programmer or developer. Usually what coders do is to write forthright pieces of code to be assigned by a developer.


Seems someone specialized in a specific area of the technology industry. “They work with designers and engineers to plan each piece of the application or software and then determine how each part will work together” according to Dale Stokdyk.

They know different programming languages and they are able to create a software in any of them. Before they even create a code to get a solution or opening up a code editor, they think about how many ways are possible to solve the problem in a tight timeline.  Therefore are considered beyond coders. They are more experienced code-writers who are ready to write in two or three languages. Clean, error-free and well-factored codes.

Especially the programmers have a good knowledge of algorithms compared with a coder. It means they spend years of training and putting into practice to become effective. At this point, the purpose is to find a solution to make everything easier. As a result they guarantee a successful implementation that doesn’t bring error.


Have the ability to write and create a complete computer software out of nowhere. They manage very well at least one programming language. They are considered pure professionals that can take care of  the design and other features.

Compared with programmers, developers design or do a well class structure within the software; where they can take care of many details. The purpose is to build a user-friendly that brings a memorable experience.

Software engineers

Another position of the technology industry, considered the highest level of coders. They manage strong programming skills, where they are concerned with developing and maintaining. Perfectly know around three programming languages and build the architecture of an application through their own design skills. They understand about the development, testing, and evaluation of the software and the systems to perform an application.

Would you like to learn computer programming? Do you feel identify with any of those?