Technology trends for 2022

What will be the biggest innovations for next year?

These days it’s even more difficult to “predict” technology trends, because the industry has innovated and undergone several transformations.

However, some of these changes haven’t been practical or profitable. Others have been ahead of their time, and others haven’t been successful in the market.

To sum up, we have a more significant rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), hyper-automation, and the growing commitment to native platforms in the cloud, for example.

Technology has taken on a particular role, more remarkable than it had since the pandemic. Its role in ensuring business continuity favoring remote work and responding to customer needs through electronic commerce are some examples that confirm its growing relevance.

Certainly, it has allowed the managers of miles of organizations worldwide to open their eyes and become aware of technology’s pillar for their businesses.

As a result, specialists intuit that in 2022 companies will have to connect their technology implementation with economic growth and market opportunities. And this will lead us to witness the promotion of a series of technological trends that we review below.

So, here is a list of the technologies that will surely be in trend in 2022:

  • User privacy and security issues.
  • Sustainability of energy.
  • Massive open courses online.
  • Quantum computing.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • 3D integrated circuits.
  • Multicore.
  • Photonics.
  • Networks and interconnectivity.
  • Cloud.
  • Internet of things.
  • 3D print.
  • Medical robotics.

After that, what technology trends would you add to this list?

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And happy New Year!