Tesla announces the launch of its robot for 2022

Most of us has grown up watching science-fiction movies that made us what the future might hold for humanity. A constant theme in these films is the insertion of robots into society as we know it. Tesla is a bout to launch its robot and we are now another step into the future.

It is normal these days to find ourselves in countries with state-of-the-art technology, such as China or Japan, with robots that, with a “humanoid” shape, begin to provide services at different moments of daily life.

Last year, at the beginning of the pandemic (that has still not ended as yet), technology truly “saved” us. It kept us close to our loved ones due to the impossibility of us being there in person for important moments and thus providing us with the ability to make video calls to be there “virtually.”

For those who started to work out of their “home offices”. It was essential to have a smartphone, internet and a computer to be able to carry out regular, day to day activities.

We were even able to “attend” school and be a part of graduations ceremonies… But, have you ever wondered how we would have survived this last year and a half without technology? It would have been a very different experience, that is for sure.

What awaits us with the Tesla robot?

The CEO of the company Tesla, Elon Musk, has announced the launch of the prototypes of a robot that will perform “dangerous, boring and repetitive” tasks for us in 2022.

This Tesla robot will have a humanoid shape, will measure 5’8″, and shall weigh 125 pounds. (Personally, it reminds me a little bit of Wall-e, only slightly more handsome). The “face” of this robot will consist of 8 integrated cameras and will serve as a display of its functions.

Among the activities that it will be able to carry out will be: Picking up purchases from the supermarket and making long lines, (you could be the first to buy the latest iPhone and not have to queue for long hours! :P)

Elon Musk added that this robot would not be “dangerous” to society but helpful and friendly.

By saying dangerous, he refers to the fact that we should not fear that the intelligence provided will not develop to a point that they finally start to make their own decisions and that we will suddenly find ourselves fighting an army of robots.

Just like in movies such as Terminator (this also reminded me of a film that came out a few weeks ago called Free Guy, in which everything happened quite to the contrary of the lack of danger that Musk speaks.

It describes a video game where AI precisely begins to develop its own decisions!)

But… Is it a good or bad idea?

Artificial intelligence has always been controversial and has given us a lot to talk about and debate.

Many are not in favor of leaving specific tasks in the hands of robots. But, at the same time, others believe that it is the “expected” path that the world is going to take and that the best thing to do is to leave the chores that very often can create feelings of idleness, such as housework.

In principle, because those new helpers (so far) do not complain about the tasks. We entrust them (in fact, there are already automatic vacuum cleaners on the market, which you can control through an app on your cellphone).

In summary, during the coming years, we will see and use things in our day-to-day lives that before we could only ever have imagined and found in a futuristic science fiction movie.

So, what do you think about these robots that will no doubt be amongus very soon? Will they help or harm our society, our businesses, our jobs? Or, in which ways do you think they will benefit you?

At 3Metas, we firmly believe that we can solve most problems with technology? What’s yours?

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