The influence of gaming

The gaming world is growing and growing, bigger and stronger until becoming one of the most popular activities to do on the web. The influence of the games has been changing society patterns even in the way of communication. For some people spending hours and hours playing doesn’t affect any part of their lives but for others has just made a complete change, good or not but still a change.

For some men, video games have become a substitute for living. Imagine dropping all the workforce and becoming a willing slave? The new technology is constantly coming to make possible to develop better and powerful video games. So, it is making every time harder and harder for the gamers to quit.

A gamer today is described as a more social and easy outgoing person. The only thing that talks about is games. A lot of people get connected from different parts of the world and different hours to play with each other. This might be a reason to open gamers mind and push themselves out the cave. In this world anyone could be a gamer, the only way to figure it out is talking.

Today there are so many games platforms and a wide variety of games where gamers can pick their favorite and spend even weeks trying to figure out the game. Currently, the greatest platforms are Xbox and PlayStation, even Nintendo has a significant place in the market. Also the PC platform, which is kind of expensive compared to consoles is highly recommend to the ones who can make inversion, all popular games come for PC first then video games console.

The advantages of getting a PC are:

  • The graphics and sound quality. Any video game console in the market will offer this level of quality.
  • The upgraded hardware. According some technical, it will avoid the replacing of the entire computer and make it last longer at a good price.
  • Stronger platform. It works as a hobby, as an industry and as a passion.

Which video game console do you think is the right for you? It depends on the multimedia options that offers each one and might goes along with you.

  • Microsoft Xbox One S. This is the latest version of Microsoft video game console. It is a minimalist design, internal power supply and has 4K capabilities. One S is a great console for multimedia.

  • Xbox One. Even that 3 years ago Microsoft did the presentation of this console. It’s still a classic console. Not because of its price, only because of its gaming library.
  • Sony PlayStation 4. Standout of success. This is the major on the market right now. It serves a plenty of games, a variety of accessories and multimedia options.

  • Nintendo Switch. Latest video game console from Microsoft since Wii U. With this console you and your friends can play at the same time. The TV becomes a split screen. This has been a successful console.

  • Nintendo 3DS XL. Most intense gaming sessions whatever place you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or kid. Everyone have fun with this console.

Do you love video games? Which is your favorite console and why?