Why coders use Linux?

Linux-based operating systems are very popular among programmers, developers, and server administrators.

More users are joining this open source operating system, which continues to implement continuous changes in distributions to adapt to the demands, but also specialize to reach different creators and professionals.

Of course, the final decision to change the operating system will depend on the taste of each person, but it is clear that Linux has gained strength and is an excellent alternative on the market. One of the coolest things is that a Linux system can be fine-tuned to take advantage of the full potential of the hardware.

As open source code, users have the right to view and modify the source code and even create their own.

Linux is free, that’s why all the basic software (for a typical user or even an advanced user) is available. There are many educational programs available under Linux. Professional software counterparts for desktop publishing, photo editing, audio editing, and video editing are also available.

Updates on Linux are very easy. Like every type of Linux it has its own central software repository. The regular updates are available and the system can be updated without rebooting. Users can even automate the update process. Unlike Windows, the update consumes less storage and internet data.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Linux is that it is necessary to install it ourselves if we want to take the step, and this is sometimes a challenge, no matter how hard the developers of these systems try to simplify the process. But if we are able to do this process, the number of advantages of Linux will be very rewarding.

Certainly it is true that another of the disadvantages of Linux is that if we work with very specific programs, only compatible with Windows, or we are not willing to sacrifice some exclusive program (such as Photoshop, OBVIOUSLY Microsoft Office, Autodesk AutoCad, Adobe Suite, which includes Audition , Premiere among others) we will not be able to make the change.

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