How it feels working from home?

Is it beneficial to be working from home or is actually, a bad idea you need to keep away?

Some people feel it as a blessing. They are so comfortable with the idea to get out the bed any time without pressure, wearing whatever in a quiet place. According to some studies, working from home can be good for health (better sleep) and productivity, especially honest and hard workers increase their capacity. Workers who used to procrastinate at the office, at home become worst.

I’m pretty sure the freedom and being in a comfy place like home is the reason why most of the people rather over million times be working from home.

Now, have you ever worked from home? How has the experience been for you?

The thing about working from home has both sides of the coin.

First of all, let’s work with the positive reasons of working from home:

  1. Freedom. We are completely agreed when you are in your own place, you can actually be yourself. If you are messy, you understand it and be happy with it. Your own time, own rules and own place. You work as much as you need, to get everything done.
  2. Comfort. Just the fact you can work from home, already makes this idea as awesome as it is. Wear whatever to make you feel yourself comfortable at any place at home. Whether in the patio or pool, you still do your job. Create the environment could be an issue to divide spaces inside the house and make sure others understand you are working. At least Lisa Kanarek can help you improve the way you work from home.
  3. Being with family. Definitely this is something people who work from home appreciate the most. There is no excuses for not being with beloved around. When you are working in an office, you barely see them. For sure you will share the most treasured moments beside the family.
  4. The owner of time. Nobody is watching you to make sure what time will you be working. You can start your day early or late and finish when you want. Feel free to make your work fits into your schedule. The best thing is you will have time for everything like taking care the kids, cook lunch or do the laundry.
  5. Bye, bye to everyday journey to get work. This is a huge benefit where you can actually save a lot of money. There is not subway ticket to buy, not gas to pay or even meal to get.

If you learn how to deal with all the distractions and the not good facts of working from home, this could be a wonderful experience.

Now, what is not good about working from home?

  1. The dislike. Some bosses keep on their minds that if they don’t see their workers working, they will not work. But some studies have confirmed this fact. Of course, it depends on the type of job you have to do at home.
  2. People over. It’s so typical when you are working people come over to your place and make you stop what you are doing to be with them. This could be kind of annoying if you want to get your job done on time.
  3. Relationships. One of the things everyone enjoys about going to an office is the interaction. Talk with people around, share thoughts or opinions. Loneliness might be touching your heart after few days being at home on your own.
  4. Everyone around. Most people see you at home and think you are not doing anything. Be ready when millions of distractions come over you. They don’t understand how you can be working at home so, they will be inviting you to hang out for coffee, talk or go to someplace.
  5. Seated all day. No having a schedule could be the reason you have seated all day front of the computer without knowing what time actually it is.

At this point everything is relative. Experiences make the differences. At 2012 when Marissa Mayer was hired as a CEO of Yahoo, she banned “working from home” and didn’t support it anymore, because people need to be more collaborative and innovative together. According to Mayer, that’s only possible inside an office with co-workers. “Working from home may be convenient for some but it represents a huge opportunity cost to the team, especially a team that’s trying to turn things around”, she said.

After 8 months Yahoo insisted Mayer was right with the decision she took.

If you are planning to move your work at home, think the positive and negatives to take the best decision. Are you thinking of making a change from your office to your house? What would be your favorite thing to do?