Web Developer vs Web Designer

Creating a website or application requires two essential pieces very important to get an optimal result. In this case, a web developer is needed to think logical, practical, and do the coding. In compare with a web designer who works with all the visual and looks of the website or app. Their work is to attract users to the website. They know about color, fonts, and images, to mix all together and build a message.

But is there one person able to do it all? It’s almost impossible. Most of them are specialize in only one professional work and they are the best at what they do.

A graphic designer is a creative professional. They have the ability to get inside client’s brain and make their vision possible with an original design that aims to impress millions of potential viewers. So, a designer uses graphics and graphic design to create the website or app appearance. Along with the web developer bring online what the designer imagines, dreams about according what users are looking for without writing a code line.

Since, the designer’s job is always to think about concepts. They look for innovation and what it is trending currently to work after that. Intuition and imagination are valuable things to them. Because no project can be developed without those. It is necessary to keep their brains constantly working. Usually, all of them have a portfolio to save their previous work and show it to get new clients.

While a web developer is more technical, has to build and make sure the website or app works properly. A0ctually have excellent problem-solving skills and good knowledge of math. They must know a programming language (HTML, Javascript, CSS, or Query) and tools. They are concerned about the good functionality of the website.  So, the user can have a wonderful experience while navigating.

The priority of a web developer is building the website. They don’t focus on the design or the visual look. There are types of developers: front end and back end or full stack developer. If you are interested in learning programming, you always can do it.

One of the toughest things about this job is to find the way to communicate each other and work together as a team. Have on their mind the only goal they have in common is a user experience. Both have to learn how to listen, the developer should understand the designer’s ideas and what a developer thinks about the designing concepts.